Medsci History

       The Faculty of Medical Science was found on the 22nd of September, 2001, based on the government’s vision to make Naresuan University the health science education hub of the lower northern and upper central regions of Thailand, to meet the demands for healthcare professionals and improve the area’s public health. Previously operating as departments under the umbrella of the Faculty of Medicine, the establishment of a new Faculty allowed autonomous pre-clinical instructions and enabled research opportunities for faculty members and students, not only in the Faculty of Medical Science, but also in the fields of study such as medicine, pharmaceutical science, nursing, dentistry, and allied health sciences. In addition to producing graduates in highly demanded healthcare professions, the Faculty is designed to educate post-graduate students and produce academics and researchers in the medical science fields who will become academic leaders for the Asia-Pacific region. Pre-clinical instructors including the Departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Parasitology, and Physiology comprise the current Faculty of Medical Science. This compact structure of the Faculty permits agility and academic freedom to support growth alongside the rapidly growing body of knowledge of each field. This strong basic science foundation, in turn, will improve the quality of our instructions and the health of the public